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‚ÄčLet Frontenac Rentals turn your beautiful property into a successful short term rental with the following integrated suite of services.
Online Marketing and Customer Services  –  Create an online presence with outstanding photography, an appealing story about your place, competitive pricing analysis and online booking and payment. Communicate with prospective guests with same day responses. 
Concierge and Security Services– Verify that guests have an excellent review history based on their past stays at other short term rentals. Greet your guests when possible and drive by to ensure house rules are obeyed. Create a House Manual that sells the unique advantages of your place and surrounding attractions. Manage check in, check out and security deposits. One million dollars insurance included at no cost to you.
Professional Cleaning and Maintenance – In partnership with Chamberlain Cleaners, we offer a team of trained, reliable and trustworthy professional cleaners with back up capacity. We develop and document a Standard Operating Procedure for each property and cross train to ensure the highest and most consistent white glove service.

Stage, Store and Reset - Short term rentals can be an easy money maker or can help fund your next extended vacation. But, many homeowners find the prospect of packing up and getting it ready overwhelming. But what if you didn’t have to worry about that? If you are going away for weeks or more, let Frontenac Rentals manage the whole process for you. All you have to do is pack your suitcase and do a quick tidy up of personal or special items you don’t want us to store for you. You come home to money in the bank and your professionally cleaned home reset the way you left it.


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